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    Please note that the materials on this site contains sexually oriented adult material intended for individuals 18 years of age or older and of legal age to view sexually explicit materials as determined by the local and national laws of the region in which you reside. It excited him and allowed him to flirt with other women. And sure enough, the next spring, he did die [from AIDS].

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    Mark removed his shirt, and shoved himself roughly inside her as A7X0 watched. He was quite distrustful of technology, and she didn't want to freak him out.

    Several times as they copulated, Joanne said much more softly this time that Mark should stop, but he continued to ignore her. Its memory modules were filling with completely new data, which was a pleasant feeling. Finally, Mark and Joanne seemed to fall asleep, or at least lay quietly in each others arms, and so realising that the new data was finished, A7X0 quietly returned back downstairs to await its next chore. "Nothing, babe," she said, stroking her hand across his smooth chest.

    That was one of the reasons she had fallen for him, his sense of humour. Joanne giggled, "In fact, I need it so bad that I might just drag someone in off the street." "Stop it," Mark said, sounding increasingly strained. " Joanne called, "Come over here, and fuck me." This was fun, winding her husband up like this. " She was still touching herself, and her own orgasm was growing close. There were jobs that needed doing, but that was what the bot was for. It watched its Mistress Joanne pick up the telecommunications headset, which they called a 'phone' and begin talking, but very quickly, she seemed to become sexually aroused. The bot had followed her to where she was sprawled out on the sofa.

    Joanne saw the bot's head turn at the call of it's name. "Robbie," she called softly, her eyes closing sleepily, "Will you take care of things for me? She was saying very inappropriate things to whoever it was on the other line, and whatever was being communicated back seemed to be having an arousing effect on her. That was difficult for its processor to identify, but logic dictated that it when in doubt, it wasn't allowed to act. She had pulled down the clothing garments that covered her lower half, and was self-stimulating again.

    "Well, I thought we could have phone sex," Mark suggested. As she toyed with her clit, she could feel a potential orgasm slowly rising inside her. " The call was cut off suddenly, filling Joanne with a huge sense of disappointment. Then she shrugged, seeing the funny side, imagining her husband hurriedly putting his cock away before his boss caught him. "I might as well finish myself off though," she muttered to herself, and sliding her panties and jeans past her hips, she rubbed her clit until she had a back-arching orgasm.

    Joanne could tell that he was in a fun mood, there was a lightness to his voice, a sense of mirth. "I really want fucking, right now." "I'm going to cum," Mark repeated, an urgency in his tone. Afterwards, relaxation flooded through her, and felt like having a nap.

    They switched positions several times, until finally returning to the standard man-on-top position, first Joanne and then Mark reached climax. Joanne laid down on the bed, exhausted from their love-making, and watched the bot disappear from the doorway. Then he closed his eyes and fell asleep, and Joanne joined him.

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    The helper bot was an android, standing taller than him at the side of the door, a long cable attached from the side of it's head to where Joanne was working. " Mark said, throwing himself into the armchair nearby, and watching her do the reprogramming. "I know," Joanne opened a panel on the silver robot's chest and tapped several numbers into the keypad beneath.

    He tugged down her jeans and knickers together, while freeing himself from his zipper.

    "I've been thinking about you all day, sweetheart, let me take care of things for you," he said as she obligingly moved her feet apart so that he shove himself into her wet pussy. The reference that it used when connecting to the internet for updates and bug fixes.

    A7X0's mistress, her name was Joanne, was on the floor.

    She was kneeling up, on her hands and knees, which wasn't unusual in itself, but A7X0's master, Mark, was kneeling behind her.

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