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    Targeting these vitals on the deer provides for the greatest margin of errof. A woman has two ladders, but the second one is the 'guys I would have sex with' ladder, NOT the 'relationship ladder.' So 'friends with benefits' is a complete fucking misnomer, since you are not actually 'friends', you are quite more than that.

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    “I’m sorry.” Those are two of the most difficult words for most people to be able to honestly say.When we are genuinely sorry, we have to admit that we hurt someone and it also means that we are taking responsibility for the pain we have caused.That she was 16 and her father was no more oppressive than the fathers of other 16-year-old girl of that era was not material: she wanted to run her own life and marrying my father was an immediate and certain way to do that.So, even though she divorced him later, she did not consider marrying my father a mistake: it was merely a means to an end, he served his purpose and then she got rid of him.We apologize to the hurt party and continue to have a healthy, solid sense of ourselves as positive human beings.A narcissist is unable to do this as that would require acknowledging that he is not perfect. Narcissistic mothers can be especially detrimental to a child.For example, she married my father and later divorced him…but she would never say that marrying my father was a mistake because she was always right—she didn’t make mistakes.

    Whenever dissonance arises she automatically resolves it by discounting anything that runs contrary to her narcissistic mother’s reality. They either outwardly dispute the difference in perceptions or they pretend to accept their narcissistic mother’s views while silently holding their own.

    If someone got in his way, he would simply push him aside or knock him down.

    The parents defended their child’s inconsiderate, cruel behavior; they believed that their extraordinary child did not have to follow common social rules that apply only to others- not to their child.

    Either way, they don’t learn that their mothers are rational, trustworthy people, nor do they have a model for rational observation and thinking.

    No matter what she’s done, she won’t ever genuinely apologize for anything.

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