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Whatever your interpretation of it is, it is integral to your game, and your evolution in the seduction community - if you want to get better with women your going to have to sarge at somepoint and yes - that means going into the real world and approaching REAL girls! The main problem with Daygame and approaching sets on the street is making the set stick, holding court with a group you just approached in the mall or on the street is hard - because during the day, most people are on their way 'somewhere', be that work, school, anywhere - and anyone that tries to get in their way is usually frowned upon. So much so that you could never hope to even approach. If you want to teach someone how to be a decent person and pull women then read Sauce Head's sticky and enlighten yourself so that you may do so. Yeah, I mean ok - if it was a slanderous post or a bunch of contrived drivvle that had no help to anyone in it, then i could have understood.