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He grabbed her hips and yanked them upwards, so that she was on her knees with her ass high in the air, ready for him. While waiting for a "stranger," her husband, an actual stranger started chatting her up, and, frustrated with Jake's lateness and feeling particularly sexy, with a short, tight dress showing off her figure and a bright red lip that was unusual for her and brought out the fullness of her mouth, Jessica flirted back. She wasn't sure what it was about it that turned him on, but she had her guesses. But there were days when these strangers disrobed and their hard dicks sprang out of their pants and Jessica longed to feel them inside her. There was something about Seth that Jake found...threatening. He was looking into those eyes right now, and he started to stammer excuses, but then stopped, stood up a little straighter, and said - "watching my wife flirt with another guy." "What? I get off on watching her." "I could understand that. She saw Seth ask a question, saw Jake start in surprise, watched them talk together a while as she sipped her drink, alone. "You must think - " "I think you're a slut," he said, without an ounce of vitriol in his voice. "I've always thought it might be true and now I know. Look at him." They both looked across the room to Jake, who raised his beer and smiled. "You'll uncross your legs and I'll give you your first orgasm right here in this crowded bar, because that is what you want. Well we're playing a different game now - " she yelped as he pushed the head of his cock between her pussy lips - "and I am going to fuck your wet little pussy so fucking hard." "No, wait, please, you can't - " Jessica tossed her head desperately from side to side, her small hands pulling uselessly at his shoulders, but at the same time she knew her pussy wanted nothing so much in the world as to be filled up by Seth's enormous dick.