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I'm just want to say goodbye one more time." She gave Tommy a loud kiss on the cheek, and made faces that had him giggling for a few minutes before tearing herself away. ----- When she arrived at Sarah's apartment, the others had a head start on her. I know how you think, and some secrets are best kept secret." "Okay then, how about Dare or Dare." Katie asked with a sly smile. It was comically small and her breasts appeared to spill out from above, below, and both sides. " and reached to undo it, but Sarah stopped her, "No one said you could switch back." Kelly looked grief stricken "Aw, come on! "I don't want to complain, but I have to get this thing off." Katie urged, "Hey, we all played." April would have none of it. It caught at her chin and Kelly had to work to pull it over her head and arms. They could clearly see just how big Kelly's bra was on her. Once the shirt was off, April looked mortified, but was too stunned to react. Kelly took her breast in one hand and guided April's head to it with the other.